So, I’m not sure if this is a page about me, or about the Old Elf Workshop, but one or the other…

I’m Gordon, AKA The Old Elf

The hows and whys and wherefores are on another page.

I make and craft, fix and mend, repurpose , recycle, and upcycle, customise, bodge, tinker and fettle.

Gordon / The Old Elf

I work in a whole range of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, composites and ceramics. My projects vary from a tiny part, such as a replacement buckle, to the long term, ultra complex, and very large, such as a completely custom vehicle, and most things in between.

My resources and skills range from basic and traditional, to some of the latest in cutting edge technologies. If there’s a skill I need, I will go out and learn it.

The Old Elf workshop exists as a way to utilise and pass on my skills. I am always keen to take on projects, and I am working to develop some niche products and courses.

As well as earning a crust, I want to use the Workshop as a way to promote some of my own beliefs, which I will discuss in brief here, and in detail elsewhere on this website.

  • I am a strong believer in community, and life long learning, to which end I am a volunteer Beaver Scout Leader, as well as being involved in various other community groups in my local area.
  • To me, small business keeps the world turning, so check out the links section for some I’m enthusiastic about.
  • Mental health is another area I am keen to promote. I have battled against depression and anxiety with varying levels of success for most of my life, and many of my friends have at some point or another. To this end, I will be promoting some of the worthwhile causes I have been involved in, or support. Remember: #OkToSay #ItsOkNotToBeOK #SickNotWeak #YouAreNotAlone
  • My other interests include old Land-Rovers, Travel, Family, Nature and History.

My blog, and the rest of this website will reflect some of these values, interests and beliefs. As well as showcasing my own skills, and past projects, I also want to create a website which is fun to look at, and has content which is useful to someone.

If you have any feedback, or suggestions, please feel free to drop me a line via the contact page.

Thank you for visiting my page,

Gordon, The Old Elf