Physical Services

So, I make stuff…

That’s pretty vague. The reason for that is because I have a huge repertoire of skills and resources. So, have a look at my ever growing projects section for inspiration. However, I’ll try and summarise here!

Here’s a taste of what I can offer:

Metal fabrication:

Small pieces (Eg Jewellery, replacement parts for toys etc) right up to a custom Vehicle or trailer. I can cut, bend, fold, beat, weld, braze, solder, and aluminium solder to name but a few. I can tap, drill, and carry out other a range of other metalwork processes.


I am a City and Guilds qualified wooden boat builder, with experience in a wide range of traditional, modern and cutting edge tools, from a manual plane, right up to in-house CNC routing. Cabinetry (Particularly for custom camper vans etc) and engraved signs are specialities!

Fibreglass, Resins and Composite work

I am experienced in plug and mould work, and can even offer limited in-house laminating and repair services. I also offer various resin in-fill and in-lay services in conjunction with other materials.


Paint as well as oil, wax and varnish finishes. I am able to spray in non-metallic and flake free finishes, with certain size and finish limitations. I also offer boat traditional and copper-additive anti-foul finishes. Hand and machine sanding, scraping, artificial ageing and weathering, Hand and machine polishing, small item media-blasting, and coming soon, rotary tumbling.

Vehicle and Marine Installation work:

I am very experienced in systems installations, particularly areas such as Audio and Communications, instrumentation, lighting, charging and switching, either using off-the-shelf or bespoke components, housings and panels.

Modifications, Tweaks and “Hacks”

As well as “making” I am also willing and able to modify, re-purpose, customise, upcycle or re-cycle a variety of objects, from modified furniture (eg, Ikea Cabinet modified to small animal habitat, or bookshelf to sideboard modifications) to custom adaptors to use components for purposes their original manufacturers never thought of!

In Short…

If you want something made, especially if it is slightly unusual, or non-standard, give me a call or email!